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As many of you know, The Road to Valhalla DVD is out.  You can purchase it here. 

Lone Chimney Films is pleased to announce that we are working on a CD soundtrack of the music from The Road to Valhalla featuring Jed Marum and Michael Martin Murphey.  We'll keep you posted on this.

Many screenings coming and we hope in the next week or two to inform you of the summer schedule that includes screenings in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania!

Thanks so much for your continued support!

Ken Spurgeon

Lone Chimney Films, Inc.

The Road to Valhalla DVD
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Long after the war, Confederate veteran Barry Benson said that if the veterans did not all rejoin on Earth, then possibly one day in Valhalla.

Valhalla is a term that was often used in Norse mythology, initially as the hall of the slain or the slain warrior - a warrior's heaven. In this third full-length documentary by Lone Chimney Films, "The Road to Valhalla" concludes the story of the Kansas-Missouri Border war, exploring the War in the West, Order No. 11, the Guerilla war, Price's Raid, Veterans organizations, and Kansas' role, both politically and militarily. 

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