Lone Chimney Films has received a grant from the Kansas Humanities Council for our upcoming film, Home on the Range. We're very grateful. To be very honest, this makes it even more clear to us with a great crew and cast emerging, that we want to film this summer or early fall. We are a bit under halfway to a goal of the budget that will make that happen. I don't want to ask you individually, but I would like to ask you to help us think a bit bigger. Do you know of any company, foundation or trust that would provide a donation for our work? We've had some already, but a handful more would put us over the top. I'd be glad to come and tell them the story of our upcoming film and other work that is coming as well. I also want to share that our film Home on the Range and other work has been pitched to a couple of national channels, and we are getting some feedback. We believe it will be our best work by far, if and when we get to it. I'm anxious to tell you more about these things but just like any great story, they must wait until the time is right.
Thanks for your continued support and prayers. It keeps me going and I know it means a lot to all that have worked alongside with us. I can't express enough that in my opinion, we have the best people on our side. Some of them, you may never hear their name called, but they are the best.
If you want to discuss this more with me, please send an email to ken@lonechimneyfilms.org

Thanks much!
Ken Spurgeon
Exeuctive Director  
Lone Chimney Films