Dear friends, family and for everyone else who are friends of LCF or interested in LCF, 
If you aren't aware we (LCF )are currently seeking financial donations from all sources that are legally acceptable by law, in order to fund our next film project "Home On The Range "!
We've been very very busy writing grants, applying to several foundations as well as knocking on old and new doors with our hands stretched out wide asking for money in order to try and raise the funds needed to produce this next endeavor by LCF. 
Aside from fundraising, we are also in a little bit of pre-production mode with Ken Spurgeon, Neil Bontrager, Orin Friesen and myself.
Financial fundraising is the single most difficult part of what we do at LCF, next is marketing our product and getting it distributed.
All of this takes time and money for our 9 member board on top of our day jobs, families, friends and everyday lives.
Now don't get me wrong, I am not playing "The Swan Song" here. I am merely stating the facts, and I am asking for your financial help. We'll accept any financial donation from $1.00 to $100,000 dollars! Remember that all donations are tax deductible! So you may write it off your taxes for 2016.
We didn't win the National Cowboy Hall of Fame Western Heritage Museum Wrangler Award without lots of help from people like yourselves supporting us. You allow us (LCF )to do what we truly love, bring fantastic educational documentaries to the public. This ensures our rich history will never be lost. Please consider a donation. Just comment on this post and an LCF Board member will contact you and give you all the particulars.
Respectfully Yours :
Shawn W Bell
LCF Board President