Bloody Dawn: The Lawrence Massacre DVD


Bloody Dawn: The Lawrence Massacre DVD

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“Vengeance is in my heart, death in my hand. Blood and revenge are hammering in my head.”

    - William Clarke Quantrill

The fires were still glowing in the cellars. The brick and stone walls were...standing bare and blackened. The cellars between looked like great caverns with furnaces glowing in the depths...Here and there among the embers could be seen the bones of those who had perished.”

    - Rev. Richard Cordley

Friday, August 21, 1863. dawned clear and bright in the sleepy abolitionist town of Lawrence, Kansas. Its citizens awoke that morning unaware that the feared Missouri raider William Quantrill and more than 400 of his followers were bearing down on them intent on retribution, bloodshed and destruction. A few hours later, nearly 200 men and boys lay dead, the ruins of buildings and homes smoldered, and raiders raced for the safety of the Missouri border. It was the worst act of terrorism committed against civilians during the Civil War. Survivors would rebuild and later recount their tales. Here is their story.

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  • 59 Minutes