Even as I Ramble CD


Even as I Ramble CD

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Music From and Inspired by The Road to Valhalla

The CD, "Even As I Ramble" is the music from and inspired by the Lone Chimney Films production, The Road to Valhalla.

This music includes traditional favorites like Battle Cry of Freedom, Dixie and Lorena but also has several original compositions.  The soundtrack for The Road to Valhalla was composed and arranged by Jed Marum.  In addition to music by Jed, the soundtrack includes music by legendary recording artist Michael Martin Murphey, and others. 

By: Jed Marum featuring Michael Martin Murphey


1. Shines Like Gold

2. Lorena

3. Even As I Ramble

4. Show Pity Lord

5. The Girl I Left Behind Me

6. The Minstrel Boy

7. Calla's Waltz

8. Battle Cry of Freedom

9. The South Wind

10. Lone Chimney

11. Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

12. Little Dixie

13. The Rockbridge Artillery

14. Uncle Joe

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